How to get to Puebla City

AMW 2013 will be held at Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP - CU ), in Puebla city.

The standard arrival point into Mexico for our visitors is the International Airport "Benito Juarez" in Mexico city (AICM). There is a bus service operated by ""Estrella Roja", which runs from Mexico city airport to Puebla, from 7 am to 1 am. These buses leave from an area opposite to International arrivals, crossing a covered bridge on the upper floor of the airport. The return bus fare is $250.00 (mexican pesos), and it is paid in a kiosk located above the bus departing zone. The journey takes about two hours. Buses arrive to the main bus station of Puebla (CAPU), or "4 poniente" station (two different destinations). We recommend you to take the bus to CAPU, where the departing taxis have fixed prices and provide receipts.

Notice that although Puebla has its own airport, transportations from Mexico city to Puebla is far more efficient by bus.

A map with the CAPU - Puebla is aviable here:

A map with the 4 Poniente - Estrella Roja station is aviable here: